Metal Detectors & Scanner

XENA provides a vast range of metal detectors & scanners which includes:

1) Hand Held Metal Detectors which are basically used by guards on checkpoints to scan any object living or non-living to check for traces of metals or explosives. They are basically used in hotels, airports, government organizations, private organizations, etc.

2) Door Frame Metal Detectors are door type metal detectors which are stationed at entrances wherein they automatically scan the objects and persons passing through and give signals in form of lights or sound if any metal traces are found. They are normally used at airport, public transport facilitation center, hotels, government and private organizations, area of high security and importance, etc.

3) Dynamic under Vehicle Scanners are basically those which can be easily moved from one place to other and are used to detect any items which would cause threat to life and property viz. explosives, etc.

4) Static under Vehicle Scanner scans the complete vehicle underside in moving traffic and visualized it as high resolution image. It enables security staff to identify suspicious objects or undercarriage manipulations both faster and easier. This includes among other weapons, explosives, drugs and contrabands.