XenaTech provides a vast range of parking solutions which includes safety cones, cat eyes, studs, road humps, stoppers, lighting batton, bollards, Q-Manager, etc. All these products are very much essential in providing safety of life and property on day to day basis.

Safety cones

are devices which basically, are bright colored cone shaped and are used at work sites like construction, road, offices, etc. to bring attention of by-passers of the fact that they should be careful while passing by. They are normally of florescent color, so that they get reflected during night time also.

Studs/cat eyes are retroreflective safety devices used in road marking, as they get reflected in day as well as during night times and show directions to the by-passers. They basically operate on batteries or solar and are made of rugged material so that they are not effected by any whether conditions.

Road humps are basically used with an intention of slowing down vehicles at particular place so that safety and security to vehicle, individual and surrounding is preserved. They are basically made up of rubber which are very easy to install than compared to the traditional tar system of creating humps. Also the life compared to traditional system is long and are much reliable.

Bollards can be described as a structure used to control or direct traffic on roads, to restrict entrance in specific areas, such as posts arranged in line to obstruct the passage of motor vehicles. These are basically used where the security level is very high, like important governmental organizations, places of public importance, etc.